Friday, July 25, 2014

For these children we have prayed.

Week 9 = complete sickness! Monday morning was the first time I threw up. =( I was at work after PT and about to heat up my breakfast burrito. I made a bunch of them and froze them awhile back and I always eat them on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays! I had put them in the fridge the night before to thaw and when I unwrapped it to put it in the microwave I gagged to the point of puking just from the sight of it! The next morning I was getting my lunch ready and pouring au jus for my french dip in a container. It had been in the fridge so it got a little thick and as soon as I saw it I just lost it. Savier had to finish getting everything ready for me while I ran to the bathroom. I went to formation for Prime Beef day and then when I got to the office my superintendent told me to take advantage of days like that and just go home if I didn't feel good. I felt bad leaving, but it was SOO nice to be able to just sleep! I got home around 8:00 and stayed in bed until 11:20. Xena woke me up twice in between, but that's beside the point! 
I have been having a really hard time with eating. Nothing ever sounds appealing and I know I'm not eating "balanced meals" like I should... but right now I am happy to just be able to eat anything without gagging at the sight of it. Aside from that everything is good, though!
Today we had another ultrasound! <3  When Dori came in she asked how far along I was and said that we would try the abdominal one! =) It worked perfectly, it just wasn't as clear as the vaginal ones are! First we found Baby A who measured at 9w6d! Dori told me they are getting fat. ;) Which is good because I am, too! Baby A had a heartbeat of 171 bpm! Then we got to Baby B who measured at 9w4d and made me cry immediately! He/she was so active! Arms and legs were flailing around everywhere =)) Savier is determined that Baby B is a boy ;) "His" heartbeat was 171 bpm! We scheduled our next appointment for 10 days from now! Monday August 4th! I won't change it this time, because I have a class all of next week to help me transition out of the military and Savier has to finish out processing! =) When we left we discussed names again and we pretty much have them nailed down! The middle names could change I guess!?! but who knows! 
Girl/Boy = Hayden Rae & Quinn Marce (Mar-say)
Girl/Girl = Hayden Rae & Quinn Marce (middle name might change for a girl?)
Boy/Boy = Gianni (or Giovanni) Micah & Quinn Marce (Mar-say)
We also discussed the fact that we have not officially announced our twins to the world. I am sure most people know, but we want to have a cute announcement, too! We were going to take it and post it tonight, but I was too lazy to do my hair since I woke up early today and just threw it in a pony tail! We will probably do it tomorrow! =) 
Aside from all of that, things are coming together well for our Wisconsin move. Initially at least! I asked my parents if I could move in with them while Savier finishes the academy and if he could come when he is finished until he gets a job! They said yes, because they are the best. <3 We are hoping that he can get a job offer before he graduates so that we can buy a house and I can just move in while he is still in Madison. We have been looking in Manitowoc County because he talked to the Manitowoc department and they said that they will be holding interviews at the end of August or beginning of September. They mentioned that they love military people and it sounded pretty hopeful! We just can't commit to buying a house until we know for sure where he will be working! Also, I spoke with my parent's neighbor about their van that they no longer use and that sounds very hopeful, too! My dad is going to test drive it and all of that good stuff soon and then we will know a firm price and all of the juicy details! But I am really excited about it! =) If Savier gets a job offer while he is in the academy life will be absolutely perfect! I am a little worried about that part of things, just because it will be harder to get a home loan if it happens later and I would rather have our own place when the babies arrive! I plan on working until October 31st and then going to Wisconsin! With the leave that I have and my house hunting days that I am allotted, I will still technically be in the military and be getting paid until November 30th! All of these months are going to be super crazy.. but it will all be worth it in the end! I am so so so happy that I will not have to have and raise my babies thousands of miles away from all of the people who I love the most in this world. <3 It does make me sad that we will be far away from half of our family, but we knew that this would come up when we got together and we always knew that we wouldn't live in Jersey. It is just sucky to think about the babies missing out on really getting to spend quality time on a regular basis with so many amazing people. 
My belly is growing like crazy and so are my babies and so is my heart! It's absolutely wonderful! =) My happiness is at full capacity! <3 I can't wait to share more in ten days!! 

9 weeks!

Random picture during the week!

Just look at those cute little limbs! ;)


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