Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ultrasound number 2!

I rescheduled my appointment for a day earlier! Ten days was easier to wait than eleven ;) Actually, MaKayla's daycare was closed for training today so it just worked out a lot better for us! Our appointment was at 10am! Dori did the ultrasound this time and it made me feel really confident that they didn't feel the need to have the actual doctor in there! The babies actually look like babies now! =) We got to record their heart beats on the "My baby's heart beat bear" recorders! We bought the lamb last time I was pregnant and never got to use it, so I just ordered another heart to go in that one! =) She said the heart beats were around 170 this time. I didn't ask for exact numbers, but they sounded really good! They were very different from each other this time! Baby A measured at 8w3d and Baby B measured at 8w2d! It feels so unreal to see more than just little ovals, but this is the best unreal I've ever felt in my life! Dori gave MaKayla a picture of both of the babies together and she was so incredibly excited! She had me hang it on the wall in her bedroom as soon as we got home! <3   I am really excited to have one of both of them, but they just look like little circles in that one! We scheduled the next ultrasound for next week Friday! I won't be changing this one since it's only 8 days away ;) 
Over the past week and a half I feel like my belly has grown a lot! I have been feeling really sick and not able to eat like I should be. Everything I used to love makes me want to puke when I just think about it. Savier ate chicken and broccoli the other night and I was gagging to the point of tears and he had to go eat it in the living room so I couldn't smell it. =( I've also started resorting to saltines. They seem to help enough to make me functional! I haven't actually thrown up, so I am crossing my fingers that this is as bad as it is going to get! =P 
I have also decided that it is completely necessary for us to get a van! Im 100% okay with this, we just have to work out the logistics of selling my car since I owe more than it is worth!=/ Also, I am going to talk to the reserve recruiter on Monday. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday, but we discovered that he is from Two Rivers and ended up pretty much just bullshitting the whole time! He said he could definitely get me into Minneapolis, so I just need to figure all of that out. I'm nervous about our housing situation. Savier graduates the academy on December 12th and we will have to live in whatever county he gets hired in. Since we don't know where that will be we really have no idea what to do about a living situation before then. We can't rent a house and then break a lease a few months after and I'm not sure how easy it would be to find a month to month around there. Mostly I am concerned with the fact that we might not have a permanent place to live by the time the babies are here! I know it will all come together though! No matter where we are or what happens, there is nothing that will stop me from being the happiest person in the world! 
I have also been doing a lot of thinking about school and I'm starting to consider going for nursing! It seems very universal, which is what I will need. There are schools for it everywhere and jobs for it everywhere and at this point, where we live is going to totally depend on where Savier gets hired! I looked into dental hygienist again since that's what I always thought I wanted to do when I was in high school, but it just doesn't seem like there is a huge availability of jobs for that and the ones that I did find were all part time. I don't know for sure... those are just my recent thoughts on the situation! =) 
I did find this week through my extensive research that I'm obsessed with doing.. ;)... that OBs typically recommend no travel at 24 weeks for women pregnant with twins! Which means that I only have until November 5th to be in Wisconsin if I am going to have these babies there! That seems like such a tiny amount of time, but I'm confident that life will work itself out between now and then! =) Savier has even been looking into the possibility of working at the TR of Manitowoc departments! Ekk! <3 I never thought I would say that I might live in that area again! 
That is all for now I suppose! Except for the proof of my growing belly and babies =D .........

7 weeks!

 8 weeks! (woah!)

and my loves!! <3 <3 xoxoxoxox.

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  1. I told you I'd be stalking you and I cannot believe how big you're getting but you look amazing!! :) Your belly is looking sooo dang cute, I love it!!! <3 <3 love love love!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!