Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So much support!

We're almost to the 12 week mark! Woohoo! =)) I have been feeling much better lately and last week was filled with lunch hour naps! The babies both measured at 11w1d on Monday at our appointment! Still measuring ahead.. grow babies grow! =)
At our appointment we had one super active one again and one lazy one! I think the letters are mixed up on the ultrasound photos and Baby B was really the active one again! As soon as we saw "him", he was bouncing around and arms and legs were flying everywhere again! I hope he moves this much when I can actually feel it! =)) MaKayla got to help Dori do the ultrasound and she was so so excited!
Look at that little nose on the top!! <3

We scheduled one more appointment there for next week Tuesday and then hopefully the doctor here will at MUSC will have called me back to schedule my first one there! 
We announced our pregnancy on Facebook on Monday right after the appointment and got an incredible amount of love and support in return!! How amazing! =) 396 likes currently on the announcement picture. These babies are going to be so so loved! 

I was told that the doctor's at the clinic I will be going to typically will not tell you the gender until you are 20 weeks, even if they can tell before that! I am hoping that is not really the case, but if it is we will just schedule a 3D for September 8th! I had a dream last night that it was two girls! So I have now had dreams of every single combination and can't even guess at what the real result will be! If i had to guess from the past two times I have seen them, I would say one of each because they seem to be completely opposite in there! =) But whoo knows! Hopefully us in about 4.5 weeks! Ekk! That sounds so so soon! 
I am too the point of feeling like I can't even bend forward comfortably because my belly is growing so much! But I love every second of it! =) 
Until next week... <3

10 weeks!
 11 weeks!


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