Monday, July 7, 2014

Sometimes miracles come in pairs!!!

I have known about our miracle for one day shy of three weeks and every moment of it has been so incredibly happy! I snuck a test one day early of the scheduled one and got an immediate positive!! It was 3am and I woke Savier up to tell him! I couldn't stop smiling or stop the tears, so that ended up being a long day at work! ;) The next day I had a blood test done and the number was already at 318!! Two days later it went up to 809! This was so exciting and shocking for us! 
We left for Wisconsin ten days after the first positive test and the whole time I was soooo anxious to have an ultrasound! I could see my belly growing and last night when we got to the hotel in Fayetteville, I could barely stand up straight because I could literally feel my belly stretching! This morning was finally the moment we had been waiting for and it brought the greatest news imaginable! THERE ARE TWO BABIES!!!! We are having twins and they are both absolutely perfect! It was a new doctor this time and he hasn't worked on the ultrasound machine there much, so we ended up getting to see them for a lot longer than expected! We saw the first one and immediately saw the beautiful little flicker of a heartbeat! =)) Then they moved the probe a little bit and there was number two with the same little flicker!! Both of them measured at 7w0d and had a heartbeat of 130! We even got to hear one of them!!! I was completely in tears! Greatest moment ever! MaKayla was really excited too! Savier's reaction was "I knew it!" MaKayla got down from his lap and kept giving me kisses! And I just kept smiling and crying.
I am still in a bit of disbelief! There are SO many crazy thoughts running through my head that I barely know where to start! 
What do I do about a vehicle? What do I do about the military/a job/school? How huge am I really going to get? How did we become so blessed!? How will be come up with another boy and girl name incase it is not one of each!? And mostly.. is this real life?!?!?!? =)))) There are about five million more, but I can't even keep my mind straight to think of them all! I am absolutely over the moon about this! There are barely words to describe what I am feeling! I would say a large mix of excitement, nervousness, impatience, and shock! 
There are two little heartbeats in me right now!! It is just so hard to comprehend! I cannot wait to see them again! We are going to do an ultrasound every week for the first trimester and the next one is scheduled for next week Friday.. 11 days away! =)) eeeekkkkk!!!!
I am so so excited for this journey and I feel so wonderful about it already!! <3

Here is 4 weeks!

Here is 5 weeks!

 Here is 6 weeks!

Annnnd here are our little loves! 

Savier took a video of some of the ultrasound also, but I will post that at a later date because it's too long for him to send me through texts! 

It's time for me to go dream about our beautiful babies and how amazing life has been to me! <3 
God is so so so good! 

p.s. I had a dream a few nights ago that we were having twin boys! ekkk!!! =P


  1. This is literally the best news ever!....and 2!!!! I'm so happy for you, you two deserve the world!!! I always wanted twins! So exciting! You already have the baby momma glow!!!

  2. Ahhhh!!! You look amazing, I'm so excited!!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!! That's incredible! You already look more than 6 weeks..which is normal for twins. :) p.s. you're going to be huuugge!! ;) you'll be amazing and I hope your pregnancy is great.
    Can I go scream off the roof tops!? ;) Love y'all so much!