Monday, September 22, 2014

Halfway there... give or take a few! =)

I'm finally back! I didn't mean to take this long of a break from blogging, but life got a little crazy. Since the last time I wrote Savier and MaKayla have both left and our babies have grown a ton.. along with this huge belly of mine!! So on that note, we will start with pictures instead of end with them this time! =) They aren't as wonderful as they used to be since I have nobody here to help me take them anymore and I don't have anything in my house the perfect height to just set the camera on!

14 weeks.
 15 weeks.
16 weeks.
 17 weeks.
I'm not sure why I chose the ones where I am looking down for all of them... probably because I just can't get enough of these little babes! <3

When Savier first left I had a pretty hard time adjusting. I didn't want to blog right away because I was feeling a little.. off.. and I wanted all of those intense feelings to stay between the two of us. I also didn't want to look back a few weeks later and remember how irrational I was probably being. I was going through a stage of complete exhaustion and I just felt overwhelmed being all by myself and having so much to take care of. When MaKayla left a week later it lightened the load a little, but it deepened the "wound". Since, everything has been wonderful. I miss them both a ton, but Savier and I are able to Skype all of the time and we get to see MaKayla twice a week! It doesn't make me less anxious for this transition period to be over for us, but I feel better about everything than I initially did.
As far as the babies go.. our appointment the day before Savier left was wonderful! The ultrasound was about an hour long and we got to see all of their cute little pieces and parts! Baby A was not on our side and the ultrasound lady was trying so hard to get him/her to move that I felt like I had a bruise by the time we left! It was so amazing to see them for such a long time, though so I wasn't too upset that he/she was not cooperating! ;) I met Dr. Sullivan later that day and I felt really comfortable with him being my doctor!

I am pretty sure I started feeling a little bit of movement the week after Savier left! I remember laying in my bed on my side and texting him telling him I was so sure what I was feeling was one of our babies! It was right around the side of my bellybutton and it was just a few repetitive "taps". I was so so excited and I wanted it to just keep happening over and over! It didn't, of course! They were very sporadic and didn't come back for a few days. I don't remember when it started happening regularly, but it does now and I love every single second of it! =) The main time I feel them is when I wake up and stand up out of bed! The baby on the left (Baby A) has definitely either stronger or more active the past week though!
I had a 3d/4d early gender determination ultrasound on September 9 and the wait felt like a lifetime! Baby A showed us right away, but Baby B took a little longer to get into position ;) The genders were very clear and Savier was on Skype with me so that we could find out together! We aren't telling the whole world what the result was yet, because we want to do reveal pictures when I go home the first weekend of October! It will be here before we all know it, though! ;) I don't like to leave people in the dark and I know I announced the pregnancy on here before we had an official picture... but it just feels right to do it this way! =) Seeing them in 3d/4d was amazing! One of the babies looked like he/she was hugging his/her cord the whole time and one was upside down!

My next ultrasound was this past Friday! She was switching back and forth between normal and 3d and they were really fun to watch! I also had her verify their genders ;) They are still exactly what they were the first time! Baby B kept pushing his/her face up against the membrane and looked like he/she was trying to give her brother/sister kisses! Baby A lifted a hand and looked like he/she was petting B's face and then all of a sudden..WAP! That little hand smacked B right in the face and his/her head bounded back! It was so hilarious, but so sad! I hope they can't actually hurt each other in there =P They are both head down now, so at least they aren't kicking each other in the face anymore! Typically the lady said they don't start checking the cervix until the last couple weeks, but since twins tend to come early they started for me now! Everything looked wonderful normally and when she pushed on my stomach! It was weird to see a little head pushed right up against it! We scheduled another ultrasound for two weeks from tomorrow and that will be my two hour second trimester one! I am super excited to be able to watch them for that long!! I just absolutely love seeing them and watching the amazing ways they move around and interact inside of me! <3

I feel like a humongous whale lately! I've started to get bigger everywhere rather than just my belly. I was expecting a lot of growth during this time period, but it is really scary to actually see! I love watching my belly grow.. but not my thighs, boobs, and face! I used to not even fit into an A cup unless it was padded and I am rocking a C now! This is not normal! =P None of my clothes fit me anymore. And that includes my "baggy" t-shirts! They are skin tight on my tummy. I got three maternity shirts and a pair of maternity pants last week from a girl who posted on one of the military for sale pages! She is such a doll! I left her house with three bags full of baby clothes, those clothes for myself, a baby bath seat, towels, washcloths, bibs, burp rags, blankets, shoes, hats, toys, a boppy, a bumbo seat, a carrier, a bouncer, ect... for super cheap! I couldn't have gotten luckier! =) I will still need more newborn clothes I am sure, but I am going to try to wait on that since I have no idea how big the babies will be! I started doing some research on it and many people said that their twins were in preemie and newborn clothes for up to the first three months! I think it will be best to wait and gauge where we are at so I don't end up with a bunch of stuff that cannot be used!
Oh!! To go along with my quickly growing belly, I had to take my belly button ring out last week! I keep pushing it through in hopes of it staying open, though! Also, my belly button is no longer a deep "innie". It is pretty much just flat! Woah!! =P Mmmm.. I am also getting worried about how early I will have the babies. Savier and I were assuming 36-37 weeks, but the more I read, the more I worry it will be sooner and they will be in the NICU longer=( I'll try to just stay positive! God won't let them come until they are ready! <3 Speaking of.. I got baptized yesterday and couldn't be happier about it! I am so happy that our little babies were "with me" during this important moment in my life! God is so so good and I am so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful church who helped me to really find him!

I've rambled quite a bit and I am extremely tired, so I will end it here! =) I promise I won't take a month to update again!! And I promise the whole world will know the genders in 13 days!! <3 Ekkkk! I can't wait to share!!! =)


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